Financial Peace Military Student Materials + Online

Financial Peace Military Student Materials + Online

Includes All Financial Peace Military Materials Needed for Class

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What are the benefits of Financial Peace Military?

  • Learn financial responsibility using Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps.
  • Eliminate debt using the debt snowball method.
  • Attend any class in the future as many times as you would like and take advantage of continuing accountability and support.
  • Learn how to spend every dollar on paper with the zero-based budget planner.
  • Beat debt or build wealth by establishing a plan to take control of your finances.

The Financial Peace Military Student Materials includes:

  • Financial Peace Military Workbook
    Your week-by-week guidebook during the course. Includes helpful tips, questions, and a complete set of monthly budgeting forms.

  • Military Resource Center
    Access to our free online toolkit with downloadable audio lessons, the EveryDollar budgeting tool, the Ask Dave forum and more!

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