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New! Rachel Cruze Wallet in Metallic Blush

A Full Grain Leather Wallet Made for You and Your Cash Envelope System

If you want to control your spending, this brand-new wallet is here to be your built-in accountability partner. Rachel Cruze and our new partner JOYN have teamed up to create a handmade genuine leather wallet that you can be proud of!

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Sale Price $ 68 .00

New! Delegation Quick Read

The How, Why and When of Handing Off Responsibility

In this quick read, you’ll learn two reasons why business owners don’t delegate and how you can overcome them. Walk beside Dave Ramsey as he swiftly guides you through his 30 years of delegation experience, starting as a small-business owner to the leader of a company with over 1,100 team members.

With Delegation, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should delegate
  • When and how to delegate
  • How to apply a delegation strategy to your own business

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Sale Price $ 10 .00
List Price $14.99

New! Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet In Metallic Blush

The Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Wallet Made to Manage Your Money in Style

Are you an avid EveryDollar budgeter who likes to keep it simple with a debit card and a little bit of cash? If so, the Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet is for you. This handcrafted full grain leather wallet features everything you need to budget smart and in style: With six card slots, a detachable wristlet and a cash compartment that zips all the way down, you’ll be prepared to grab your wallet and go wherever your life (and your budget) takes you. 

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Sale Price $ 39 .00

New! Financial Peace - Live and Give Box

Gift Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey's Bestselling Books

In this box, you’ll get the guidance you need to pay off debt and build wealth the Ramsey way. You’ll start with The Total Money Makeover—Dave’s all-time bestselling book that’s helped millions of families change their lives forever. Next, walk through Financial Peace University—where you’ll get a deep dive into our practical plan, the Baby Steps, and learn everything you need to know about money topics from insurance to real estate. Finish up with Baby Steps Millionaires, Dave’s brand-new book that will inspire you to hope and work for your future like you never have before.

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List Price $183.97

New! Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet

The Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Wallet Made to Manage Your Money in Style

Do you feel like you’ve finally gotten control of your money and you’re pretty good at this whole budgeting thing? Do you find yourself using Everydollar and pulling out your debit card more often than cash these days? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Rachel Cruze and our partner JOYN have teamed up (again!) to create a new, slim version of the Rachel Cruze Wallet.

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Sale Price $ 39 .00

New! Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Homeschool

For Grades 9-12

Teaching your teen about personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated. Seriously, you just need a homeschool curriculum that’s got everything prepped for you, in one place, and made with your unique homeschool environment in mind. Well, that’s Foundations in Personal Finance

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