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Ramsey Pro Training

Serve Every Ramsey Fan with Excellence

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Want to be successful in our ELP or SmartVestor programs? Well, consider this your first step. Our Ramsey Pro Training will help you master what we teach, develop practical ways to grow your business, and gain the confidence to serve every Ramsey fan with excellence.

Whether you’re the kind of person who dips their toes in the water or whether you do a full-on cannonball, this course is designed to help you learn at your own pace.

In particular, you’ll . . . 

  • Master our financial principles. 
  • Learn ironclad business practices we’ve developed over 20 years. 
  • Figure out what a great Pro does, says and believes. 
  • Improve your relationships with all your clients, Ramsey-referred or not. 


Oh yeah—when you complete the course, you’ll get a one-year subscription to Financial Peace, EveryDollar, and EntreLeadership All Access. 

What's Included?

  • Financial Peace University - Now Part of an All-Access Ramsey+ Membership

    Financial Peace University

    When debt isn’t holding you back, nothing can stop you from living the life of your dreams (yeah, that one you’re thinking about right now). And here’s the good news: You can get there. You just need a plan that works. That’s Financial Peace University—only available inside a Ramsey+ membership. FPU is the nine-lesson course that teaches you the step-by-step plan—aka the Baby Steps—to pay off debt fast and save more money for your future.

    $129.99 Value

  • Everydollar Plus

    One Year of EveryDollar Plus

    Track spending and save money with EveryDollar Plus, our premium budgeting tool designed to make budgeting easy. Connect your budget straight to your bank, sync across multiple devices, and enjoy access anytime, anywhere—free for one year.

    $99.00 Value

  • One Year of EntreLeadership All Access

    One Year of EntreLeadership All Access

    Get out of the weeds and lead. Learn how to delegate, clearly cast vision, and equip your leaders so you can work on your business. The best Ramsey Pros are EntreLeaders!

    $2995.00 Value

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How long will the training take?

The training course should take 25–30 hours to complete, though because it’s self-paced, you can spend as much time as you need.

What happens after I purchase the course?

We’ll send an email with a coupon code. You’ll take that coupon code and redeem it on our Ramsey Pro Training product page to set up your account and get started.

Are there any required in-person training sessions?

Nope! The course is completely online.

How will this affect my application status?

After you successfully finish the course, your application will be prioritized when an opportunity in your area becomes available. We can’t guarantee you’ll get into the ELP or SmartVestor program, but it does ensure that you are reviewed and considered.

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