Quitter by Jon Acuff (eBook)

Quitter by Jon Acuff (E-Book)

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From figuring out what your dream is to quitting in a way that exponentially increases your chance of success, Quitter is full of inspiring stories and actionable advice. This book is based on 12 years of cubicle living and my true story of cultivating a dream job that changed my life and the world in the process.

It’s time to close the gap between your day job and your dream job.

It’s time to be a quitter.



There are friends (I might be one of them) who will tell you, "Quit your job and follow your dream." But Jon Acuff is smarter than that. Quitter is about going from cubicle-bound to Outward Bound without committing financial and marital hara-kiri along the way—and actually succeeding in the end. This book is wise, personal, funny and loaded with practical, real-world insights from Mr. Acuff's own ongoing odyssey. If you're torn between living your dream and putting food on the table for the wife and kids, don't make a move till you read Quitter
Steven Pressfield
Best-selling author of The War of Art and Do the Work

Quitter will entertain, enlighten and challenge you to commit yourself to Mondays Of Joy instead of looking forward to the weekend so you can finally live. 
Tim Sanders
New York Times best-selling author of Today We Are Rich, former Yahoo! executive and a quitter

Over the last few years, I've watched Jon turn a small "what if" idea into a full-on dream job. This is not a book of theories or half-baked concepts. It was born in the crucible of one man's experience. It is full of news you can use. Now. In your own life. If you are ready for a field manual for creating your dream job, this is your answer to prayer. 
Michael Hyatt
Chairman, Thomas Nelson Publishers

We all have dreams of doing something great with our lives—and sometimes we think this involves quitting everything we know. Quitter addresses this topic with enthusiasm and wit. If you're serious about following your dreams, this book is a must-read. 
Craig Groeschel
Senior pastor of Lifechurch.tv, author of Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

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Pages: 256
Publisher: Ramsey Press
Format: iBooks for iPad/iPhone (ePub) and Amazon Kindle (Mobi)
Release Date: May 5, 2011
Chapters: 8
Language: English
Genre: Motivation, Business, Career
Target Audience: People Who Want Guidance On How to Leave Behind Work They Don't Love and Find Their Dream Job

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