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SmartVestor is a free service that connects you with our network of financial advisors, wealth advisors, financial planners and other investing professionals. These are the people we trust to take care of you and serve you well.

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It’s free.

Cue the praise music and hallelujah hands. You’ll pay nothing to connect with an investing professional.

Our investing professionals have been carefully vetted.

Not just anyone can be a SmartVestor Pro. To join, our Pros must pass a vetting process and follow our code of conduct.

SmartVestor Pros have a client-first mentality.

They treat you like a teammate, not a transaction. When you’re ready, SmartVestor Pros will commit to educating and empowering you.

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SmartVestor is a free service that connects you with investing professionals in your area. 

Nothing, zilch, nada. SmartVestor connects you for free.  

Our SmartVestor Pros will contact you within 24 hours to introduce themselves and help set up an appointment for you to interview them. Then, you can simply select the Pro you want to work with. 

To make it easy, we’ll send you a list of questions you can ask during your first interview. In general, you’ll ask them about their investing philosophy, how they get paid, and how often they communicate with their clients. Above all, if something doesn’t feel right, keep looking.

A SmartVestor Pro will show you how to make the most of your investments and help you create a plan to reach your retirement goals. And when the going gets rough—think stock market swings—they’ll be the voice of reason that calms your nerves. 

We recommend you start investing after you’re out of debt and after you’ve saved 3–6 months of expenses in an emergency fund.

All of our Pros are investing professionals, but not all are financial advisors (many are). The difference? An investing professional focuses solely on helping you invest, whereas a financial advisor helps you with all types of financial planning, not just investing.