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The Blog I Didn’t Plan to Write

This is my second attempt at this blog. I planned to write a blog after the event recapping the highlights to post in my usual Tuesday spot. And when I sat down to write it Sunday night, I knew what I wanted to say.

I wrote about how in the months leading up to the event, all that I wanted was for it to be over. I wanted to have it behind me because it was so much work, so new, and so overwhelming at times. I wrote about how relieved and proud I expected to feel after it was over.

And then I wrote about how after it was actually over, I didn’t feel relief or pride at all really. All that I felt was unbelievable and all-consuming gratitude. I was so thankful for our amazing team that, despite the fact that they were exhausted from flying in from several other events, poured their hearts and souls into making this not only one of the best first-time events we’ve ever put on, but one of the best events we’ve ever put on, period. I was so grateful to Dave and our leadership team for trusting me with such an important job of leading this specific market.

But most of all, I wrote about how I was in awe of the way God showed up. God didn’t just bless it; God ran the whole thing. The spirit in that room was busting at the seams, and there were God moments happening all around us.

The best way I could describe how I felt, I wrote, was by using examples in the Bible. Time after time in Scripture, when God showed Himself in mighty and powerful ways, the people were blinded by His glory and the only thing they could do was fall on their faces in worship.

And that’s how I’ve felt all weekend. I’ve not really felt relief or pride about my work like I expected to. All that I can feel is just a continual prayer of gratitude and worship for who God is and what He did the last few days. That’s what I wrote about, and that’s what I’ll remember in the weeks following this event.

But last night as I was writing my closing paragraph about worshiping God in all of His glory, suddenly the words on the page started disappearing. Letter by letter, one at a time, they disappeared, first slowly and then faster and faster.

I frantically pressed buttons on my computer to stop it. I pressed the delete button, the mousepad, Escape and power. I tried everything. The words kept deleting. Halfway up the blog, once all of the words about God’s glory were deleted against my will, it stopped. I tried everything I could to save the rest, but the computer wasn’t responding. I tried to manually save it and then immediately got violently sick and had to run to a trash can.

About fifteen minutes later, when I felt better and finally got the computer restarted, the blog was gone.

Sure, maybe the Delete key was hit and locked. I have a fairly new computer that rarely acts up, but that’s possible. Maybe I just happened to randomly get sick at that moment. Maybe.

Or maybe, this world you and I live in is more spiritual than we will ever realize. I’ll tell you what I believe.

I believe that what I’m doing matters. I believe that God showed up and changed lives this weekend, and the Enemy wants nothing more than to destroy that. I believe that giving God the glory only infuriates the Enemy more.


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And the same is true for you. What you’re doing matters. And the more you do for the Kingdom of God, the more opposition you will experience. And I believe that’s only a sign you’re on the right track. If you’re not doing anything for the Kingdom of God, you’re not a threat. But the moment you step out in faith and make a difference and praise God with the results, get ready. You’ll face opposition, and the Enemy will try to stop you.

But friends, I want you to remember what I’m trying to remember in this faith walk with you: The war is already won. Dave Ramsey says, “I’ve read the back of the book, and I know who wins.” We don’t have to live in fear, because the war has already been won and the Creator of the Universe is on our side.

So press on toward your goal. Keep working in your gifts. And, as Scripture says, let us “hold unswervingly to the hope we profess because He who promised is faithful.”

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