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How to Get More Email Subscribers

“Sign up for our email list to receive exclusive content!”

In the last week, I’ve seen this exact sentence used on Twitter, Facebook and several websites for national personalities. Here’s the problem: your readers don’t think or speak like that. The phrase “exclusive content” is something your leadership uses in board meetings when strategizing how to get more email subscribers. It’s not what your customers, fans and followers are thinking or saying.

They aren’t hanging out with their friends at a cookout and saying things like, “Man, I wish that Christy Wright would give me some exclusive content” or “I love shopping at Lowes, if only they would give me more exclusive content!” No. They don’t say that. And if they don’t say it, you shouldn’t either.

They key to connecting—and more importantly, influencing—is speaking the other person’s language. You want to think like they think and speak like they speak.

What do they want? Offer that. How do they say it? Say it like that.

How about your business? What do your customers value and how can you leverage it to build your email list?


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Because when you hold a carrot out there that isn’t in the language your customers actually use, they won’t be interested and will skip right past it, even if it was something they would have wanted. They will only know they want it if you say it how they would say it.

So the next time you need more email subscribers or blog followers or Facebook fans, don’t offer “exclusive content.” Offer something that you know they would actually want and then say it like they would say it.

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Christy Wright

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Christy Wright

Christy Wright is a #1 national bestselling author, personal development expert and host of The Christy Wright Show. She’s been featured on Today, Fox News, and in Entrepreneur and Woman’s Day magazines.  Learn More.

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