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Personal Growth

Finding Hope Out of Brokenness

What do you do when life throws you out of the saddle? Do you just give up? Or do you get back up and keep going? I know you’ve been there. We all have. There are so many times in life that we get knocked down. But it’s what we do next that really matters.

Y’all, one of my favorite things is hearing the stories of women who have overcome hard things. And my friend Kori Heuvel knows exactly what it’s like to overcome hard things. She knows what it’s like to be thrown from the saddle, broken and hopeless. But she didn’t stay there. She got back up and took the next step. Kori and her husband’s story of finding hope out of brokenness really inspired me, and I know it’ll encourage you too.

Christy Wright: Kori, tell us a little about yourself and your business.

Kori Heuvel: I am the owner of Kori & Jared Photography. We are a husband and wife team and are passionate about capturing the people and moments that matter most to our clients. Over 10 years, we have shot hundreds of newborn, family and lifestyle sessions and 100+ weddings.

Christy: You shared about a pretty major accident you were in last year before the Business Boutique Conference. Can you tell us more?

Kori: In February of 2019, I was in a pretty significant accident. I was riding my horse, and he bolted home on me at the last minute. He switched directions, and we think I went over the front of him. I fractured my skull and broke my neck, nose, cheek, eye socket and jaw in two places.

Christy: Wow. That must’ve been hard for you and your family. So, what did that mean for your business during that season?

Kori: During that season, we weren’t sure what that would mean for me (and our business). We kept things kind of quiet as we tried to figure out what life was going to look like. We wanted to make sure we were going to be able to honor our contracts as we worked through this brokenness and recovery. We have a young family of four kiddos, and it was just a really hard, heavy, broken season.


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Once we realized there would be life after the accident, we started to share our story about what we had been through. I feel like we gained perspective on what really matters. It was a wild time where we evaluated everything but kept coming back to our love of people and our love of God. When you’re faced with some big stuff, it has a way of unearthing new passions that you didn’t quite realize were there. And since my accident, we have grown and shifted.

Christy: That is so true. The hard things in our life are often the very things God uses the most. And after all that, you came to the Business Boutique Conference last year. What were you hoping to gain from the conference?

Kori: I attended the conference wanting to know how to pivot, grow and scale our business. But more than business encouragement, I needed life encouragement. I walked into the conference with a hurting momma heart. We have four kiddos and have grown our family through foster care and adoption. And at the time, we were walking through some special needs challenges. That first night, you spoke passionately about believing that God is who He says He is. I was reminded that there is hope for our family and that God’s plan is always bigger than our plan! 

Christy: You’ve been an Academy member since Fall 2019. Why did you decide to join the Academy?

Kori: I joined the Academy at the conference. Even though we had an established business, I knew that if growth was the next step for our business, we needed to start back at the foundation. I spent time building the groundwork for the new aspects of our business, which allowed us to be ready when new opportunities came our way. Today, we are still capturing photos, but we have also grown to consult on social media for foster care agencies and help them share their story.

Christy: Kori, the story God is writing through you and your family is incredible. I can’t wait to continue watching it unfold. Thank you for sharing with us.


Business Boutique Academy Open Enrollment Starts October 5

Y’all, God’s faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. He is in the business of restoring brokenness and building new passions in us that we never knew were there. I love how Kori decided to join the Academy to help strengthen the foundation of her already-existing business. Now, her family is able to capture people’s special days and make memories while helping to connect and share the stories of those in foster care.

If you’ve been in business for a long time (like Kori and her husband), or if you’re just starting out with an idea and a passion to go for it, the Academy is for you. The Academy opens on October 5. Get the membership on your budget and join the waitlist! You’ll be alerted when enrollment opens. I can’t wait to see you inside the Academy!

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