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26 of the Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

It’s finally here—the last day of school. As you watch your students trample out of the classroom, headed for beach trips and relaxing summer mornings, you take a deep breath and sigh in relief. You’re finally free. Free to use the bathroom whenever you want, to organize your day, to stay up binge-watching Netflix. (Although who are we kidding? You’ll still be in bed by 10 o’clock, are we right?)

Now you’re headed into a well-deserved break. But what do teachers like you do in the summer? Because we all know how it is. You’ll chill for a bit, hang by the pool, go to a few neighborhood barbeques, but then what? Soon your energy will start coming back, and you’ll be ready to get out there and just do something. Not to mention maybe your budget could use a bit of extra breathing room too (thanks, inflation).  

So, if you’re looking for some ways to keep busy but also make some decent cash, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Want to Keep Working With Kids

Teaching is your dream job—you’re good at it, and your kids love you. So you’re looking for a summer job that’ll spruce up your resumé a bit and keep you working with kids. Well, here are some of the best summer jobs for teachers who just want to keep at it.

1. Tutor.

Even in the summer, students need help learning. That means they may need a tutor (aka a teacher like you). Whether parents sign their kids up for tutoring to get additional schooling or just to prevent summer learning loss, you can help. You’ll get to decide everything from your work schedule to the grade level and subject matter. Check out sites like Tutor.com, TutorMe and Studypool to find students in your area.

2. Teach summer school.

Another great summer job for teachers looking to stay in their field is teaching summer classes. You’ll help students make up credits, master challenging subjects, and stay on track for graduation—all while getting paid up to $17 an hour and trying out new subjects!

3. Chaperone a trip.

Cruise up the coast of Italy under the guise of work? Um, yes please! Get your students out of the classroom and into the world this summer by leading a school trip. You can partner with another teacher or department, or with organizations like Education First, CHA Educational Tours or EDU Trips. These places will help you plan your trip’s itinerary, nail down all the details (like booking flights and finding places to stay), and provide tour guides throughout the trip. You’ll get to work with students and get your traveling in. (Now that’s a win-win.)

4. Teach English.

Not an English teacher? Not a problem—you just have to be a fluent English speaker to do this summer job. And the company VIPKid handles all the lesson plans and grading for you. Score!

5. Become a library assistant.

As a teacher, you work with books a lot. You teach from them, read them to stay in the know, and even recommend them to your students. If you really enjoy working with books, then a job as a library assistant at your local public or college library might be the perfect summer job for you. And while you’re helping people check out at the circulation desk, you’ll get to stretch those people skills and maybe even recommend a good book or two!

6. Become a tour guide or tour bus driver.

Are you a history buff? Do you love learning stories about historic places or buildings? If so, then a summer job as a tour guide or a tour bus driver might be the perfect way for a teacher like you to make some extra money. You could sign up to be a tour guide on international trips, or you could check out historical sites in your area. Places like historical homes, gardens and museums all need tour guides. And some cities will even hire tour guides and tour bus drivers to take visitors around to their city’s main attractions.

7. Become a test prep instructor.

Remember stressing over the ACT and SAT in high school? What if you had someone in your corner to help you prepare? Well, you can step in and be that person this summer by becoming a test prep instructor. Check out Kaplan Test Prep to find openings in your area.

8. Teach a community class.

Do you have a hobby? We’re talking anything from pottery to woodworking to dancing to clogging to fencing—you name it. No matter what it is, you can teach it! Cities, local libraries and sometimes even community colleges will offer summer classes on a variety of disciplines. Here’s how it works: You decide what you want to teach, you pitch your idea for the class, and if enough people sign up, you get the gig!

9. Go (back) to summer camp!

Relive your younger days by becoming a camp counselor! Whether it’s leading campers through a high ropes course, lifeguarding them on the lake, or serving as their chaperone, you’ll get to work with kids and get the unique cabin-in-the-woods experience (it’ll be kind of like a workcation).

10. Teach Driver’s Ed.

Remember the moment when you finally got your driver’s license? Oh, the freedom. The power. The magnificence! But seriously, there are students who really need to learn how to drive, and you can be the one to do it.


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You’ll have to complete a background check, have a clean driver’s record, show proof of your own driver’s license, and complete a driver’s educator course or training program. Check out your local colleges, vocational schools or DMV to find a course near you.

Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Want Something Different

You love your job—and you wouldn’t want to do anything else. But you also know one of the best ways to prepare for the next school year is to just take a break, get out of the classroom, and dabble in something different, right? Well, in that case, here are some of the best summer jobs for teachers who want to make a little extra money and try something new.

11. Pick up photography.

Is photography one of your hobbies? Then maybe snapping a few photos is just the thing for you to make some extra money this summer. You can start small by shooting some photos of your family at holiday gatherings, or by doing some senior sessions or even a few couple photoshoots. When you’re setting your pricing, do some quick research online to learn what normal rates are in your area, and set your price lower (but not too low) to start. This’ll help you build your portfolio and client list so that you can charge more later on.

Or if nature or aesthetic photos are more your thing, then snap a few and try selling them on Foap, ShutterStock or Creative Market. Keep in mind that journals and magazines will pay for high quality nature photos too.

12. Become a transcriptionist.

If you want to put those teacher skills of typing, listening and attention to detail to good use, then transcribing might be the perfect summer job for you. A transcriptionist listens to recorded or live audio files and types up the written record of them. Medical and legal fields supply most transcription jobs, but some corporate companies also need transcriptionists.

You’ll have to be trained and certified before you can pick up any jobs. But once you are, you can earn an average of $28 an hour depending on your skill level and speed.  And Rev can help you land some jobs.

13. Get paid for your creative skills.

If you have creative talents like writing, editing or designing, you have options! Sites like Fiverr, Upwork and 99designs connect freelance writers, editors, designers and videographers with clients all over the world. To get started, you just have to create a profile (sort of like an online resumé) and list your experience, rates and location. It’s a great way to make that extra money from the comfort of your own home!

14. Sell on Etsy.

Are you a crafty person? Then selling your creations on Etsy might be the perfect summer job for you. Etsy is basically the go-to place for selling whatever you’re good at making. And that means anything from jewelry to clothes to paintings to calligraphy and more! The sky’s the limit here.

Oh, and it’s super easy! You just set up a profile, then you can photograph and list your products. Just know that Etsy does charge $0.20 per listing and takes a percentage of your sale. But those added costs are worth it because people trust buying from Etsy. And Etsy makes it easy to ship to your customers. You can even buy your labels from Etsy and ship products from your home mailbox. See? Super. Easy.

15. Become an event planner.

Are you a party-going, people-loving, detail-oriented person? Then event planning might be right up your alley. Maybe you can get some practice under your belt by planning family and friends’ events for free. You know, like your niece’s third birthday party or your co-worker’s baby shower.

Then, ask your friends and family to get your name out there. You might be surprised at the opportunities you’ll get to plan baby showers, birthday parties or even engagement parties. In any case, you’ll work with your client (and their budget) to help bring their vision to life. And you might even get some cake too. Score! But note: As you work on building your experience, don’t expect to make bank here. You’ll probably start off planning these events for free and then work your way up as you plan more.  

16. Work as a Barista.

We all know teachers practically run on coffee. But when school’s out for the summer, that doesn’t mean your coffee supply has to run out too. If you love drinks like the Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino with extra whipped cream, Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, or Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, then a summer job as a barista is perfect for you. Not to mention, with the job comes that wonderful perk of discounted coffee. (Now that’s a win!)

17. Become a seasonal adventure guide.

What if we said you could ATV through the Smoky Mountains, white-water raft down the Colorado River, or backpack through the Sierra Nevadas—and call it work? If that just sent a tingle down your spine, then this summer job is for you. Satisfy that urge to get outside and explore this summer with a job as a seasonal adventure guide.

Many places require their adventure guides to go through some sort of training before starting the job. And the Adventure Travel Trade Association provides field training courses for wannabe future guides.

18. Drive trucks.

There’s nothing like cruising down the open road, a steaming cup of coffee in the cupholder next to you, and your favorite music blaring on the radio as you book it across the country. So, if you want a way to get out of the house (or out of the state) this summer, then try becoming a truck driver.

If you have your commercial driver’s license, then look into classic semitruck driving. Or if you don’t want to get your CDL, look into seasonal driving for places like U-Haul, FedEx or even state-to-state vehicle transportation.

Easy Summer Jobs for Teachers With a Busy Schedule

So, what do teachers do in the summer if they don’t want to work in the classroom or take on a set work schedule? Well, they try one of these side gigs that you can pick up at any time.

19. Sell your teaching content.

As you probably already know, the site Teachers Pay Teachers is a place where educators all across the map can buy and sell educational content. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash for all the hard prep work you’ve already done!

20. Drive for Uber or Lyft.

If interacting with people and flexible work hours are your thing this summer, then check out driving for Uber or Lyft. In addition to making your own schedule, you’ll also get extra pay during peak hours and insurance protection for while you’re out driving.

21. Deliver food.

Hey, everyone has to eat. But sometimes, trekking out to the kitchen to labor over a quesadilla  just isn’t your thing (no judgement here). Well, good news is there are more people out there just like you who want steaming hot food without having to take the time to make it. If you’re looking to make some extra cash on your own schedule, then delivering food might be for you. Check out sites like DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub or Postmates, and give people the joy of delicious food—and yourself some extra cash. Plus, your car will smell amazing (we’re jealous).

22. Deliver Amazon packages.

You know how it is. You’re walking up to your front door when you’re greeted with a lovely little brown box. It’s like Christmas! Everyone loves getting packages, and you can be the one to bring people that joy by delivering packages with Amazon Flex. And the best part is, you can deliver as much or as little as you want.

23. Deliver groceries.

Okay, for all you spenders out there, here’s a great way to scratch that itch without busting your budget. Places like Shipt and Instacart will pay shoppers up to $22 an hour to shop and deliver groceries. Getting paid to shop? Um, yes please!

24. Start thrifting.

Do you have an eye for that diamond in the rough? Do you love finding that old, dingy piece with great market value? Then try out thrifting! The idea is simple: Buy low and sell higher. Local thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets are great places to look. Just make sure you’ve done your research to know what’s actually valuable and what’s trending right now so you don’t end up with a cluttered basement full of items no one wants. The easiest way to resell these items is through online sites like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, thredUP and GameStop.

Now, you will need some cash up front to do this summer job because you should never (we repeat—never) go into debt for this. Borrowing money only puts you behind. So take it one item at a time if you have to, and pay cash for it.

25. Become a user experience tester.

If you’re someone who likes to share your opinion, then user testing might be a great fit for you. Companies like UserTesting, Analysia and TryMyUI will pay people to try out their website, app or product, and then give their opinion and feedback to make the product or service better. For most of these, you’ll get $10 for each test you finish. Not too shabby!

26. Dog walk or pet sit.

If you’re an animal lover, raise your hand. Wow, that’s a lot of you! Teachers are natural caregivers, but not just for humans. This applies to animals too! So, what if you could make money spending time with animals? Well, you can. Websites like Rover or Wag make it easy to find pets in your area that need sitting while their owners are out. Or if extended stays aren’t your thing, you could find some pets to walk a few times each week. Either way, you’ll get your pet fill and get decent pay for it too!

How Teachers Can Find the Best Summer Job for Them

Whew, those were a lot of ideas! Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and you’re thinking, I just wanted something to keep me busy. How do I choose from all of these? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here’s a quick three-step process for determining the best summer job for a teacher like you.  

How much time do you have?

School’s out for the summer, but let’s be real: That doesn’t mean teachers suddenly have all the time in the world. Because, here’s the thing: How many of you, when asked what your summer plans are, promptly answered, “I’m going on four vacations and spending the rest of my summer lying on the beach and binging Netflix?” Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Summer for a teacher can be full of professional development seminars, coursework prep, kids to watch, family members to see, meals to plan, holidays to celebrate and sports to watch. Whew—talk about exhausting!

So, one of the best ways to determine the best summer job as a teacher is to evaluate just how much free time you’ll actually have this summer and how much time your summer job will require.

What are your talents?

Guess what? You don’t have to hate your summer job! Just because you need to make some extra money this summer doesn’t mean you have to do something you dislike. Before deciding the best summer job for you, evaluate your talents and skill sets and choose something that aligns with both. Then, come back-to-school season, you’ll be re-energized and thankful you chose something in your sweet spot.

What are your goals?

As you’re looking through this list of summer jobs for teachers, think about your main goal for choosing this summer job. Of course, the easy answer here is you need something to replace your teacher’s salary. But dig just a bit deeper. Are you trying to make progress toward your money goals? Do you need something to help you pay off debt faster or get more breathing room in your budget? Are you hoping for something that you can later turn into a small business?

Whatever your reason for picking up a summer job, make sure it fits your lifestyle, your money goals and your family's priorities. When you know your why behind your choice, you’ll be more likely to choose the right summer job for yourself and to stick with it all summer long.

We hope this summer is a productive and restful break from your daily grind. And just know that here at Ramsey Education, we’re cheering you on as you work tirelessly all year to prepare your students for their futures. If you’d like to learn more about what we do here and how you can change your students’ lives next school year by teaching personal finance, check out our Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum.

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