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35 Reasons to Attend Business Boutique

We polled the thousands of women who have already attended a Business Boutique event. We asked them why they think someone should attend Business Boutique, and we were amazed and excited by the wide variety of answers!

It made me so proud, because it shows how this event can touch women’s lives in so many different ways. Everyone’s situation is unique, but Business Boutique offers something applicable and specific to each and everyone who attends. Here are some of my favorites!

Come to a Business Boutique event if you’re looking to:

  1. Learn how to balance a business with kids and a family.
  2. Quit your “day job” and follow your small-business dream.
  3. Help your kids figure out different ways to use their education and skill set.
  4. Get inspired by other creative and engaging women.
  5. Learn the current tricks and tools of the trade.
  6. Renew your vision and update your goals.
  7. Learn the basics of running a business.
  8. Discover something new after losing a job.
  9. Meet entrepreneurs in your area who are on the same journey as you.
  10. Gain new skills to expand your business.
  11. Squash the excuses, move past the fear, and start on your dream.
  12. Get out of hobby mode and start making real money.
  13. Take your career to the next level.
  14. Contribute to your family’s income in a significant way.
  15. Learn how to market your business effectively.
  16. Discover business topics you didn’t even know that you didn’t know.
  17. Ditch the corporate rat race.
  18. Be able to retire and still make money on the side.
  19. Help your spouse get their side business up and running.
  20. Learn where to start when you have an idea.
  21. Have guidance through your confusion.
  22. Finally get serious about your business idea.
  23. Find that first client.
  24. Feel a greater purpose for all of your hard work.
  25. Take your idea from concept to reality.
  26. Stay at home and spend more time with your kids.
  27. Get energized about your business aspirations.
  28. Explore the plans that God has for you.
  29. Go from wishing to doing.
  30. Learn how to succeed in the online business world.
  31. Get unstuck from whatever is holding you back.
  32. Learn how to use social media in the most effective way.
  33. Monetize your website and increase web traffic.
  34. Get permission to say yes to yourself.
  35. Get out of the office for a couple of days.

You just won’t find the guidance and support you get at a Business Boutique event anywhere else. 

Let’s make this the year your business takes off!

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Christy Wright

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Christy Wright

Christy Wright is a #1 national bestselling author, personal development expert and host of The Christy Wright Show. She’s been featured on Today, Fox News, and in Entrepreneur and Woman’s Day magazines.  Learn More.

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