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5 Questions with Christine Caine

I’m so excited to have my friend Christine Caine as a guest contributor on the blog today!

Christine founded The A21 Campaign and has travelled the globe crusading against human trafficking. To say her stories are inspiring would be an understatement. She’s also an author, and her most recent book, Unashamed, urges women to ditch their baggage and shame for God’s ultimate purpose in their lives. She’s one of the most dynamic speakers we’ve ever heard, and she has a heart for freeing captives, both physically and spiritually.

Christine will share her story with us at the Business Boutique event this spring, along with so many other incredible speakers. I hope you enjoy this quick conversation!


You have accomplished so much through The A21 Campaign. What prompted you to start the organization?  


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I became aware of human trafficking when my husband, Nick, and I were ministering in Europe. It was the same time that a little girl, Madeleine McCann, was mysteriously taken from her bed while her family was on holiday in Portugal. While we were traveling from Ukraine down to Greece, it was impossible not to notice the walls plastered with posters of missing children. Madeleine’s poster was everywhere. We began to notice others as well, and we found it strange that so many children seemed to be missing in Europe. Naturally, we began asking questions as to what may have happened to Madeleine and some of the other children. One of the replies we received contained the words “human trafficking.” This was the first time that Nick or I had ever heard about this, and it was the catalyst that sparked many more questions, research, and ultimately what today has become The A21 Campaign.

Why do you feel it is important for you to speak at Business Boutique?

Nothing excites me like being able to play a role in seeing people realize their purpose and potential, and then seeing them activated to have it come to pass! God has given me a unique ability to inspire people to action and to start taking steps that create lasting change. We can hear great ideas, but if we do not start taking action and making some changes, nothing will change. I help inspire people to start moving.

What are the benefits of going through this two-day event with like-minded women?

Iron sharpens iron. And when you get a bunch of like-minded women in a room who are on a mission, anything can happen! Ideas breed new ideas, and connection multiplies and expedites change. People who aren’t in the room will miss an opportunity to move forward.

What would you say to a woman who feels God is tugging at her heart to start something on her own? Whether that’s a business, a charity, a ministry . . .

Start exploring! Start doing your research, asking questions, making connections, and feeling out where God may be leading you. Pray about it. Sit and listen for His still, small voice. Consult your friends and those you trust to speak into your life. Take calculated risks. But most importantly, don’t just talk about it. Do something about it!

What do you expect women who attend Business Boutique to take away from your presentation?

I am hoping that women will be inspired and equipped to take a risk and believe that God will be with them. I want women to know that impossible is where God starts, and that miracles are what God does. God wants to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything they ask, hope or think!

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